Care Free Picture Day

Picture day is best when everyone’s smiling – students, parents, and school staff, too.

That means it needs to be an easy, fun, and positive experience for everyone.

And that’s why we’re committed to giving every school a Care Free Picture Day with personal, professional, and responsive service, from the time we first start planning your picture day until the very last parent is happy.

We offer:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Free retakes
  • Delivery of all forms and promotional materials, organized and pre-packaged for your convenience
  • Personal service – On the rare occasion we can’t personally answer our phones, leave a message and we’ll call back before the end of the day
  • A commitment to resolve issues directly with parents ourselves
  • A one-day grace period for late orders
  • Bilingual employees and order envelopes
  • A school-by-school choice in background options:
  • Retakes and refunds, no questions asked
  • Simple, affordable, and customizable packages
  • Guaranteed delivery of fall photos before the holiday break in December
  • Commission programs that make picture day a valuable fundraiser for schools
  • Rules and policies, but the understanding that Rule No. 1 is to keep customers happy

Our Process
We begin with customized scheduling that can accommodate any of Colorado’s flexible or track schedule schools. Plan your picture day and retake day for fall photos when it’s best for you, not us.

A month before your picture day, we’ll deliver posters, reminder notices, instructions, and order forms organized and pre-packed for each teacher. That means no more sorting, no more stuffing envelopes, no more time spent trying to make sure your teachers have what they need. Simply open the box we deliver and give your teachers their pre-packaged materials.

A week before picture day, we’ll call to confirm all details, and on picture day, our photographers will arrive on time with everything they need – from cameras to combs – ready to help every student look his or her best, and committed to staying until the last photo is shot. The next day, we’ll call you for any late orders that can be e-mailed or read to us over the phone.

Our photographers collect all money and forms so you don’t have to, and we generate computer printouts that itemize orders for each class, helping us to work directly and efficiently with parents to resolve any related issues.

Contact us today.