Fall pictures are the classic head and shoulder portraits parents love for the way they capture their children’s image throughout their formative years. In addition to serving as keepsake photos for a family, these photos are often used by schools for class composites, yearbooks, and school records.

Van Gogh offers two fall background choices, our Traditional Program and our Color Flex program.

Traditional Program

Our Traditional Program is by far our most popular program. Our Old Master backgrounds offer a wonderful blend of colors, complementing children of every race. Your school will choose one background from our wide selection, giving a consistent look to class composites and yearbook pages.

Color Splash

Our Color Splash program allows parents to select from an assortment of backgrounds that meets their personal taste.  To keep images consistent, yearbook, composite and record keeping photos will be shown on a standard blue background.  With this Color Splash program we can meet everyone's photography needs.