If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what are thousands of pictures worth?

Lots and lots of smiles.

From generation to generation, Van Gogh has given families cherished photographs that spread happiness, share love, and keep memories burning brightly.

When Joseph Zucco and his wife, Juanita, began Van Gogh in 1965, they did so with a simple purpose – to provide studio-quality photographs in a school setting, at a price anyone could afford.

Nearly a half-century later, the business is run by Joseph and Juanita’s six children, and that very mission remains. But some other things have changed. We use digital equipment for all photography and processing, and at Van Gogh, it’s all done in-house, which gives us unparalleled quality control. We’ve expanded our professional services into areas like yearbook production, ID cards, service prints, student certificates, and novelty items.

And we take a few more pictures than our parents did. Today, Van Gogh provides photo services for more than 1,200 schools in Colorado, Illinois, and Indiana, and the number is growing. Parents and schools trust us to treat students with respect, deliver a Care Free Picture Day, and, ultimately, provide great photographs of great kids at great prices.

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