When will I be notified of picture day?
Van Gogh will send out informational flyers one—three weeks prior to picture day. The flyers include package and pricing information.

Is there an adult available to assist my child?
Teachers and parent volunteers play an important role in picture day and are there to assist any student in need.

My child wears glasses, will a good picture be possible?
Van Gogh trains photographers to adjust lighting and pose the student to minimize glass glare.

What time of day are pictures taken?
Van Gogh works with the school to organize picture day in the most efficient way possible but the
majority of our shoots are scheduled during early morning classes.

What if my child is absent or sick?
Your child will have an opportunity to be photographed on Retake Day.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Van Gogh accepts personal checks, money orders, credit cards and cash.

How quickly are pictures delivered?
Photographs are typically delivered to the school approximately three to four weeks after Picture Day.

Does my child’s school benefit from Picture Day?
Often a portion of the picture purchase price may be returned to the school or sponsoring organization as part of fund-raising activities.