Our Photographers

A great student photo comes not just from a happy smiling face in front of the camera, but a trained, seasoned professional behind it.

That’s why our photographers are:

  • Fully trained – All our photographers have graduated with photography and art degrees
  • Experienced – Many of our photographers have been doing this for more than 20 years
  • Full-time employees – Our photographers are motivated only to produce the best photos they can, not to rush through picture day so they can maximize their own profits
  • Great with kids – They’re doing this because they love working with children, and they know how to keep kids comfortable, relaxed, and smiling
  • Safe – We conduct full background checks on all our employees to ensure the safety of the children we photograph and provide parents and schools with the peace of mind they deserve

In addition, our photographers serve as sales representatives and lead the team that will take your students’ photos. That means there’s one person you have to deal with, eliminating the hassles and confusion that can arise when responsibilities are split.

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